This blog is for our Father, Patrick Frank Brenn Naughton, to finally write down the stories of his life.

We love him and are alway impressed with what he has done with his life.

Thanks for the example Dad.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day Grandpa!!

One of my favorite memories of you will always be the way that you and Grandpa Young pranked each other. It was always fun to have everyone over for Christmas, Thanksgiving, whatever dinner at your house, because something would always be going on between you two!! The fun, and love, and misery you inflicted on each other was so very exciting to watch, and something that we all do to each other--out of complete love, of course!! I have always admired the love that you have for your family, and the fun that you have with your children and grandchildren, and even great grandchildren!! You always have something fun to do, or play with, or test out (iPad, anyone?), and you never hesitate to show us something you think we'd like. It's comforting to know that you will always be there for me, and always be ready and willing to make me smile and feel loved. Whether it's fixing my beloved Mac, or offering to dust off your new suit to take me to the Prom, I know that you would do anything you could for me, and I love you for it. Thank you so much for all you do, Grandpa, and I hope your Father's Day was the best!!

Love you,

Saturday, June 19, 2010


A year ago I set up a blog for my dad to record the events of his life. He has great stories! He has led an interesting life and I think it stills surprises him how well it all turned out. For my Fathers Day present I wanted to record some of my memories of my Dad.

I have always felt special to my Dad; I think all of his children feel this way. For me I was born 2 days after his birthday and 2 days before my Grandmothers birthday. I always felt like we all shared a special bond because of this, and the birthdays are all odd numbers and, well, so are we!

I trusted my Dad to fix anything. When my pink ten speed bike I bought with my own money broke down he was the one to fix it. When my car broke down, I could count on him coming to the rescue (even at my advanced age I still call my Dad). He taught me all about my car and engine. I helped him rebuild it, install dual carbs, and do the mainetence required for the care of a car. I impressed many a boy with my knowledge of cars, including my husband. The only lack in my knowledge was radiators. I bought my first car from my Dad, a blue Volkswagen square back. This vehicle was a cute car, baby blue with cloth interior that was plaid with blue and yellow. It was an automatic thus it went from 0 to 30 in about 6 minutes (hence the dual carbs) and I went a lot of miles in that car. He gave me a red bug for my 18th birthday. This had been my Mothers car and I was so excited. I had my first accident in that bug. Just a fender bender and Sonya and I had to get in on the passengers side for about 4 months before we were able to get it fixed (I am pretty sure we won body work at a church auction to get it fixed). I wasn’t allowed to take it to Rexburg to college, no way to keep it up and it was really cold up there. But when my parents moved from Colorado to Phoenix I drove it all twelve hours (with the 8 track and radio that didn’t tune). Dean rode with me and we thought we were so cool! I did not realize what I was in for in Arizona, I worked about 45 minutes away and had to be to work at 1pm, can you say hot? Volkswagens, well especially those built in 1969, do not have air conditioning. They also have black vinyl seats. I got really adept a parking in shade and leaving my windows down, one of my colleagues at work asked if I was worried my stereo would get stolen and I said, “No.” I mean who wants an 8 track (this was the 1980’s so 8 tracks were hard to come by) without the ability to tune in a radio station? The second time I broke down and the car caught on fire (I got it out without too much damage) my Dad declared I should probably think about buying a new car. The thought of A/C was a great motivation and He and I started to look. That was one of the best times with my Dad, looking, comparing and trying to figure out what I wanted and of course what I could afford. We ended up with a Ford Tempo, brand spanking new. I loved that car. It was so dependable and great on gas. You could be cruising at 95 mph and not realize it, which my Dad found out on a trip to Colorado with my Mom! I am so grateful my Dad took the time to teach us, even though we were girls, about cars.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

I know you said you only wanted a card. But I want and I know that the grand kids want to hear all of your stories. So here is a format for your use, sign in, and then let your fingers tell the story of your life. When you feel you are done - we will publish it in a hard bound book and distribute through the family. You have had (and are still having) an amazing life - please share it with us!!